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The Ironic Twist of 30 Years

Thirty years after President Carter declared the U.S. Summer Olympic Team would likely boycott the Moscow Games, isn't it ironic when we look at the cause?

The Carter Administration took its action because the Soviets had invaded Afghanistan. Like today, this part of the world is key to U.S. foreign policy because of America's dependence on oil. Carter viewed the Soviet invasion as a movement toward trying to squeeze America's oil supply, thus debilitating our way of life.

Today, there is no talk of boycott of Olympic Games because of nations at war. Mainly, the U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan. For just, or unjust reasons, the U.S. is engaged in war during the fifth Olympic Games (including one in Salt Lake City) since invading Iraq and Afghanistan following 9/11.

There are no serious discussions about boycotting Olympic Games as a result. Thank goodness for that. The Olympics are for bringing the world's youth closer together in order to MAYBE someday understand our differences and live peacefully. Idealistic...yes, but that seems to be my understanding of the original implied intent of the Games.

That intent is vastly different today for sure.  Read More 
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