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Most Likely Would've Won Gold...

If there was one U.S. athlete who was most likely destined for gold at Moscow (assuming he stayed healthy) it had to be 114 1/2 pound wrestler Gene Mills.

"Mean" Gene Mills was a four-time All-America at Syracuse University and amassed 1,356 wins throughout the span of his wrestling career.

It wasn't a matter of IF he would win the gold, it was more like HOW would he win the gold. His intention was to pin every opponent on his way to the gold medal podium - something that had never been done before. He was confident he could do it...and would've done it if he had had the chance.

Thirty years later, Mills is still deeply affected by the boycott and the "what might have been" if he had accomplished what he set out to do.

Mills profile in the book is one of the most emotional, earnest and wrenching displays of disappointment that still haunts him to this day.
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