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30 Years Seems Like Yesterday...

It was 30 years ago on January 23, 1980 during his State of the Union address that President Jimmy Carter first formally introduced the world to the idea that the United States would likely boycott the 1980 Olympic Summer Games in Moscow.

The following words were spoken and not entirely believed by the hundreds of U.S. athletes training for their future date with Olympic destiny. Little did they realize at the time that their destiny would become an asterisk next to their names.

"...While this invasion continues, we and the other nations of the world cannot conduct business as usual with the Soviet Union. That's why the United States has imposed stiff economic penalties on the Soviet Union. I will not issue any permits for Soviet ships to fish in the coastal waters of the United States. I've cut Soviet access to high-technology equipment and to agricultural products. I've limited other commerce with the Soviet Union, and I've asked our allies and friends to join with us in restraining their own trade with the Soviets and not to replace our own embargoed items. And I have notified the Olympic Committee that with Soviet invading forces in Afghanistan, neither the American people nor I will support sending an Olympic team to Moscow." Read More 
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